Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am an Amateur Teacher dancing with a student. What Category should I compete in?


We do not have any Teacher-Student events this year. All Amateur teachers competing with their students are encouraged to take part in the Pro-Amateur events under the Pro-Am Championship. 


2) What countries fall under the umbrella of "Asia" in the Closed - Asia events?


All conventional countries fall under the "Asia" umbrella, except Australia, Russia and Eastern European states that reside partially in the Asian continent.


3) My partner is a Singaporean. I am not. Can I take part in the All-Singapore Championship?


No. Both partners need to be Singaporeans or Permanent Residents to qualify for the Championship.


4) Can I take part in Novice A, Pre-Amateur & Amateur Rising Star?


No. Competitors are not allowed to take on events of more than 2 differing levels. Novice, Pre-Amateur & Amateur Rising Star are considered 3 different levels.


5) Do I need to pay any fees for participating in the All-Singapore Championship event?


No. Competitors only need to participate in 1 additional event, and be a Singaporean or PR to qualify. This event is proudly sponsored by the Organisers, as they believe in providing a All-Singapore event where all Singaporeans are given a chance to be recognised as the best in the Country across all levels of dancing.


6) Do you provide Makeup, Hairstyling & Videography services?


Should you require these services, kindly make a request by contacting us via