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Welcome to Ballare! An Independent dance studio catering to ballroom dancing in Singapore. We offer unique and individually tailored wedding dance lesson in Singapore helping our clients make the best of their wedding with stylish and artistic dance steps that keep the guests hungry for more. At Ballare, we specialise in providing customised ballroom dancing classes to help make your special day memorable. We are passionate dancers with a goal to make wedding dance in Singapore fun and safe for newly wedded couples. 

Ballroom dancing in Singapore requires dedication and professional training for steady and quick progress. If you want to make your special day unforgettable, Ballare offers you an amazing opportunity to take our social dancing classes in Singapore to give you an extensive knowledge and experience to keep up with the beat. 

At Ballare, we’re professional dance instructors with a team of qualified dance expert who are not only experienced in wedding dance but also in children dance classes in Singapore. Are you looking for a custom dance class for kids in Singapore? We cater for the simplest dance to the most extravagant routines. We also offer affordable dance studio for rent in Singapore with unlimited support to help make your dream wedding dance come true.

Get in touch to learn wedding dance in Singapore today so you can feel confident and look amazing on your first dance.